About Luke

Through screen printing, Luke rebuilds architectural structures using simple shapes, and overlapping transparent layers and colours. These structures are broken down into the simplest forms folding and unfolding, with the planes orientating in space, and the flat image becoming almost three dimensional. “Architectural structures and the material form of buildings are often perceived as works of art. I have always had a fascination with contemporary design and in particular love the simplicity and balance it suggests” states the artist. His use of colour highlights the depth of these unique forms and provides them with a visual energy. Luke’s hand cut paper stencils and blade marks on edges show the artist’s presence and demonstrate the bespoke and unique nature of his work, maintaining his well-known crisp and clean aesthetic that complements modern-day interiors. Luke has exhibited in some of the finest galleries Nationally and Internationally and his pieces have been added to collections including NUIG Art collection, OPW portfolio, private collectors, hotels and commercial curators. He has most recently been working alongside Bord Gais Energy Theatre Dublin, creating a bespoke design which will be used throughout the buildings interior.